1. Evergreen

    1. Aetheria, a floating continent. It moves around a bit throughout the year, influenced by weather, celestial events, and seasons, but it generally hovers around the equator.

    2. Dragonica

    3. New Olympia, a mountain range internally occupied by a large dwarven civilization. A multiracial and highly competitive society lives above ground. Regalis is a smaller civilization its northeast and Elysia is to its southeast.

    4. Obsidia

      1. Coast of Echoes
        1. Eastgate, the capital city of Obsidia. It is populated mainly by humans and elves, but there is a substantial beastfolk population and many other races seen to a lesser extent. It is a large stronghold in the southeast of Obsidia, in the east of the Coast of Echoes, along the Celestial Ocean.
          1. Port of Eastgate
          2. Eastgate Castle
          3. Eastgate Town
      2. Forest of Echoes
        1. Lake of Whispers
        2. Town of Echoes
        3. Forest of Echoes
        4. Whispering Woods
        5. Crossroads of the Elements
        6. Adlais
      3. Obsidian Forest
      4. Bronzepaw Hamlet, a small town in the northwest of Obsidia.
      5. Three other settlements northeast of the Whispering Woods
      6. The region is bounded to the north by mountains, and to the south ocean or sea.
    5. Raefun

    6. Old Pillar, a region north and west of Obsidia. The western side of the region is coastal, adjacent to the Aetherian Ocean. The region is named after an enormous singular plateau or highland in the region. Tradition holds the highland is an ancient man-made spire that broke and fell into the ocean.

      1. Ten Thousand Mage Way: The most narrow portion of the ocean between the contintents. It's named after an old folk speculation that if ten thousand mages of the right sort combined forces, they could create a walkable path between the contintents here.
    7. Triton, the largest merfolk ocean civilization, and above ground it is also the sole island civilization of Evergreen

    8. Neptune, a merfolk civilization in the Sea of Dragonica and central Aetherian Ocean.

    9. Regalis

      1. Reion, a well-known citadel with a gladiator arena.
      2. Elderglen, known for having a large library.
    10. Terah, also called The Land of Judges, a region with a large swath of desert in the south. The northern geography is varied from plains to low mountains and coast. Notably includes the Nahorite or Dreamwalker civilization of summoners and the New Abramites, a civilization modeled after the descendents of Abraham.

    11. Elysia, a region of mainly plains. The people here are egalitarian and have an antagonistic relationship with Regalis.

    12. The Abrahamian Desert. A desert west of Elysia.

    13. Goblin Mountains - south of the Abrahamian Desert, adjacent to the coast

      1. Goblin Hollow is a lowland or pass between to higher elevated sections of the Goblin Mountains.
    14. Goblinrot Forest, or Blessed Woods as the Goblins call it. In the view of the goblins view, the blight is a boon; they harvest the diseased wood and flora to create potent concoctions, utilize the toxins to coat their weapons, and may even incorporate it into their food for its preservative qualities—relishing in the unique flavors it imparts.

    15. Antiqua, the cursed former capital district of the The Empire of Solara

  2. Earth

    1. United States of North America
    2. Texas
    3. United States of Greater Brazil
    4. New Europe
    5. Australia
    6. Other Unknown Regions
  3. Mars is somewhat occupied, the moon is occupied, Jupiter is being mined, some of the moons have stations, mainly occupied by drones, and there are many people that live in space. (year 3202 if i have to pick? would love to just not say)