Episode Narrative Guide - Arc Lunara

Chapter 1: Goblin Fight!

In the heart of Evergreen, an MMORPG world where fantasy and technology entwine, a band of adventurers journey through the dense undergrowth. Eorhelm, clad in shimmering silver armor, led the way, his sword a beacon in the growing twilight. Beside him, Lunara, the elven archer, moved with a purpose born of urgent necessity. Her keen eyes, ever scanning the shadows, were not just in search of foes but a path to survival.

Drogan Flamebeard, a dwarf mage, and the Automaton Guardian No. 7519, a relic of forgotten technologies, completed their party. Each step they took was laden with the weight of a dire revelation. Minutes ago they had been visited by a fantastic and terrifying beast in the sky. The monster informed them that they will be unable to log out of Evergreen for the foreseeable future. Only by defeating the 100th floor boss do the players have a chance to see their friends and families again, and the death of their characters now risks consequences far beyond the originally accepted terms of service.

Lunara’s ears twitched at the faintest rustling – the whisper of leather and the clink of poorly fastened armor. “Goblins,” she hissed, signaling the others. Her instincts, honed by years of navigating the treacherous woods, had led them to their quarry: a warband of goblins, skulking about with nefarious intent.

Eorhelm, his eyes alight with a battle-hunger sharpened by their predicament, nodded. “A test of our mettle,” he murmured. The Automaton beeped in agreement, its sensors analyzing the terrain for tactical advantage. The Automaton, processing a thousand scenarios a second, positioned itself to flank the goblins. It communicated in a series of soft beeps, a tactical map forming in its mind.

With the precision of a predator, Lunara notched an arrow. Her breath was a silent mist in the cool air. The goblins, oblivious to the impending doom, continued their plotting around a dimly lit campfire.

Then, like a storm unleashed, Eorhelm charged. His sword sang its deadly song, cleaving the air as it sought the goblin leader. Lunara’s arrow flew, a streak of death in the twilight. It found its mark in the heart of a goblin scout.

Chaos erupted. The goblins, caught unawares, scrambled, their crude weapons clattering in the sudden frenzy. Drogan’s staff pulsed, ready to unleash hellfire. The Automaton moved with a grace unexpected of its form, engaging the goblins with calculated precision.

The goblin leader, a brutish hobgoblin with scars of many battles, roared and rallied his troops. He was formidable, but Eorhelm was a tempest. Their blades clashed, a dance of death under the starlit sky.

In the heart of the Evergreen, a new legend was being forged. Each strike, each spell woven, each arrow loosed, was a note in the symphony of their saga. The adventurers, bound by fate and steel, fought not just for survival, but for the stories that would be told of this night - stories that would echo through the annals of time, in the mysterious and magical realm of Evergreen.

In the aftermath of the battle, a hushed tranquility enveloped the Evergreen forest. The victorious party, bearing the marks of their recent skirmish, gathered around the spoils of their hard-won fight. The automaton collected the goblins' meager treasures. Among the scattered possessions, a curious amulet, glinting with an eerie luminescence, was retrieved from the fallen Hobgoblin Leader. Alongside it lay a parchment, its surface etched with cryptic runes and symbols, unparseable to the low level android and his allies.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, painting the sky with strokes of crimson and gold, the weary but resolute adventurers continued their journey through the forest. Guided by the inherent wisdom of the woods, they traverse eastward, their path winding through ancient trees where light and shadow dance.

They soon find themselves by the banks of a crystal-clear stream. As Lunara gazes into the water, she notices the play of light on the riverbed. Pebbles and stones, smoothed over eons, formed a mosaic beneath the surface. Tiny fish, silver and quick, darted between the rocks, their movements a dance of life in the tranquil stream.

Here, the group slows its pace, the gentle sound of flowing water providing a soothing counterpoint to the day’s violence. They forage along the banks, finding some berries, and contemplating their next move. The party was torn between the allure of the forest's depths and the practical need to rest. The stream whispers of hidden paths and untold stories, yet, the proposal to set up camp under the ancient trees, fresh water waiting nearby for sunrise, is equally compelling. Drogan made his hunger clear by means of four repititions throughout the conversation.

The automaton hands Drogan a berry. Drogan scoffs, accepting the gift nevertheless, tosses it back, and runs his hands through the stream. The air around them was cool and the stream carried a similar chill, refreshing while carrying a briskness that spoke of mountain origins.

Chapter 2: The Molten Depths

"It comes from the mountains," Drogan thinks to himself. Suddenly, nostalgic memories of childhood carry him away suddenly. "It comes from the mountains, just as I do."

While the waters melted from snowy tops, Drogan rose from fiery depths. The flames were always kind to Drogan, and he always loved them. The flames were not other than the rocks or waters to Drogan. The mages he trained with decades later, whether human or elf, could never understand that fire was a friend of water. Yes, water can quell a burning tree, but this hardly makes them enemies, and such a contrived case is an exceedingly rare form of the union of those elements. "It hardly scratches the surface," Drogan chuckles as his memories continue to flow, "as one expects of a surface-dweller."

For Drogan, the purest flame is liquid, made of rock and metal, such as the one that ran bright and red just outside the town of his youth in the Molten Depths. This flame is found deeper, runs hotter, and is hardly bothered by a douse. They keep water hot in every house at every hour for bathing, cooking, or tea. Water and magma intertwined properly power the mining tools by steam. When smoke, coal mining, or illness trouble the nose and lungs of the locals, a steam sauna would often be prescribed as a fast and natural cure.

Drogan's formative years in the Molten Depths, a bustling Dwarven region under the mountains skirting Dragonica, were steeped in the fusion of fire and stone. The magma rivers were as familiar to him as the comforting warmth of a hearth. More comforting still, and more formative still, were the culinary arts of mom and dad. The smell of fresh bread and perfectly seared meat race through Drogan's mind.

His family, renowned in the region among the clans, were nurturers rather than warriors, wielding flame and metal instruments primarily in the kitchen. While many dwarves grew up to the sound of a clanging hammer or a mining pick, Drogan sprouted amidst clanging pans, surrounded by tales of ancient magics and culinary feasts.

As a young dwarf, he learned to summon and control flames with a precision that could forge the strongest alloys or gently simmer a stew to perfection. The kitchens of his home became his first battleground, where he honed his skills and deepened his understanding of fire's myriad utility and multifaceted nature.

It was nearly time for Drogan to take his rightful place as Head Chef, allowing his father to retire, when his town was decimated. A less delectable faction of dwarves, openly allied to demonic forces, invaded and pushed out the natives. Drogan's father was killed, although his mother and siblings survived. Drogan immediately refocused his energy to train in battle magic, vowing to protect his family and aid in the eventual restoration of the Molten Depths.

Drogan's stomach grumbles. He finds himself again staring into the stream. "Guardian, grab a few of these fish. I don't care if we make camp now or later, but I won't be waiting any longer to eat."

Chapter 3: Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!